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Great Value Intel Socket 1200
INTEL BX80701G6405

Manuf Part Code: BX80701G6405
Target Part Code: PRINT-G6405

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INTEL BX80701G6500

Manuf Part Code: BX80701G6500
Target Part Code: PRINT-G6500

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INTEL BX8070110100F

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110100F
Target Part Code: PRINT-I3-10100F

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INTEL BX8070110105F

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110105F
Target Part Code: PRINT-I3-10105F

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INTEL BX8070110100

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110100
Target Part Code: PRINT-I3-10100

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INTEL BX8070110400F

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110400F
Target Part Code: PRINT-I5-10400F

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INTEL BX8070110400

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110400
Target Part Code: PRINT-I5-10400

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INTEL BX80684I59600K

Manuf Part Code: BX80684I59600K
Target Part Code: PRINT-I5-9600K

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INTEL BX8070110500

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110500
Target Part Code: PRINT-I5-10500

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INTEL BX8070811400

Manuf Part Code: BX8070811400
Target Part Code: PRINT-I5-11400

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INTEL BX8070110600K

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110600K
Target Part Code: PRINT-I5-10600K

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INTEL BX8070110700K

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110700K
Target Part Code: PRINT-I7-10700K

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INTEL BX8070811700

Manuf Part Code: BX8070811700
Target Part Code: PRINT-I7-11700

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INTEL BX8070811700K

Manuf Part Code: BX8070811700K
Target Part Code: PRINT-I7-11700K

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INTEL BX8070811900

Manuf Part Code: BX8070811900
Target Part Code: PRINT-I9-11900

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INTEL S26361-F4051-L110

Manuf Part Code: S26361-F4051-L110
Target Part Code: PRFUJ-SF4051L110

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INTEL BX80701G5905

Manuf Part Code: BX80701G5905
Target Part Code: PRINT-G5905

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INTEL BX8070110105

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110105
Target Part Code: PRINT-I3-10105

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INTEL BX8070110700KF

Manuf Part Code: BX8070110700KF
Target Part Code: PRINT-I7-10700KF

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INTEL BX8070811900F

Manuf Part Code: BX8070811900F
Target Part Code: PRINT-I9-11900F

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